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Storm Shelters | Amarillo, TX | American Tornado Shelter Association | 806-477-0782

All ATSA members are required to pay an annual fee of $500

The first annual payment has to be received before you become a member. All our members are required to fill out a certificate of installation for shelters that are covered by a government rebate.

Please send the ATSA a copy of this document and let the customer keep a copy. All members are also required to place an ATSA seal on every shelter that is installed under a government rebate. Members can order seals and certificates at any time by calling or emailing the ATSA.

Our seals come with certificates and cost $10 each if you order 100 or more. The seals cost $15 each if you order less than 100.

Contact us today to order your seals & certificates (25 seal minimum)

American Tornado Shelter Association

  • PO BOX 10127, Amarillo, TX 79116 (Mailing Address)
  • 7008 NE LOOP 335 Amarillo, TX 79108
    (Physical Address)
  • Office Phone: 806-477-0782
  • Sarah Smith, ATSA Executive Director: 806-626-6387


For the most prompt reply, please call or email us with all of your questions Monday through Friday, 9:00AM - 5:00PM.

Contact us with questions about seals, certificates or registration.



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